Migliaccio Logistica Tel: 0815845187
Migliaccio Logistica Tel: 0815845187
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Migliaccio Logistica

Our History

In the early 50s the Vincenzo Migliaccio Trasporti was founded. In a short time, We became a reference supplier of CIRIO for the transport of primary goods and, subsequently, secondary ones.
The task entrusted to us by CIRIO, the primary company in the food products sector, consisted of the capillary distribution of products in their sales points, in Campania and in other regions.
We have not stopped anymore!
We have become one of most important reality of land transport in Campania.

Market Analisys95%

Our Vehicles

Our staff and our fleet of vehicles are the hub of the Migliaccio Logisitca. We have 60 trucks and 80 trailers of various types that over the years have been improved to meet the needs of the market and our customers.
We also have many special means for lifting goods in our warehouses and in our open areas.
The investments made by the Directorate in the field of security for the entire fleet, led to the adoption of the installation of satellite control systems, satellite alarm and the geolocation of vehicles on the monitor of the operating room.
Our maintenance department periodically monitors vehicles, with the aim of ensuring greater efficiency and compliance with the rules of the highway code. All this allows us to minimize the risk of road accidents and limit sanctions by the control bodies.

Our Core Services

Our strong point is the transport of maritime containers. With our tractors and semitrailers we carry out transport throughout the country, in Import and in Export.
We carry out the consolidation and deconsolidation of the cargo of a container.
We are equipped for the installation of Flexytank containers for the transport of liquids and GOH containers, hanging garment containers, inside the predisposed areas of our terminal.

We can carry out ADR transport of all the classes provided.
Our fleet of semi-trailers is equipped with the latest generation Reefer system, with the possibility to manage temperatures up to -25 ° C.

All our Road Tractors are equipped with a geolocation system that allows us to locate the vehicle and the load in real time on the monitors of our operations center.
The investments made in terms of vehicle and terminal security allow us to offer our customers an advantage during the transport chain.

Flexytank Container

Trasformiamo un contenitore 20″ in un container Flexytank in meno di tre ore grazie all’esperienza dei nostri tecnici installatori.

Reefer Container

Movimentiamo centinaia di Reefer all’anno grazie alla presenza nel nostro Terminal di 25 colonnine Plug-in. 

ADR Container

I trasporti di Merce Pericolose rappresentano un nostro fiore all’occhiello, grazie ad autisti autorizzati e mezzi idonei.

Our Goals

Over the last year we have reached our goals
We are committed to exceeding our limits to offer our customers a tailored service.

Working Hours
Migliaccio Logistics
Head Quarter

  Via Prov. Botteghelle di Portici 242 | 80147 Naples

+39 081 584 5187

+39 081 584 8630

Berna Point
Operations and Accounting

Via Vicinale Galeoncello, 35, 80147 Naples

+39 081 250 7073

+39 081 250 8358

Who We Are

For about 50 years with passion and commitment, we deliver your goods safely in Italy and in Europe.
Full loads, partial load and groupage.
We will always find space on our cargo trucks.
Contact us and entrust us with your goods.